VisionBroadcast Media LLC is the digital production and marketing boutique of Floyd E. Vasquez Jr.  We're based in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico and build websites, produce digital content and assist clients with social media and inbound marketing.  

Once upon a time in New York City, Vasquez had a dream called "Vision Broadcasting Network".  It turned into early streaming music website VisionBroadcast.com and Los Angeles Music Festival®.  Alas, the dream didn't pay the bills so Floyd has worked extensively in radio, television, new media and strategic communications.    

"I got started in news as an Army Private with the American Forces Network Europe in Germany, moved to New York City for college and stayed for many years working in news and entertainment" says Vasquez. "Since returning to NM I've worked all over town. Television is sure fun and government service potentially rewarding, but nothing beats working for yourself and awesome clients.  It's hard, but I enjoy the flexibility and fortunately things are coming along."

Vasquez is the primary service provider for VisionBroadcast Media LLC supplemented by independent contractors as required.  

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