Digital Advertising

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There are so many options when it comes to digital advertising: Geo targeting, content targeting, behavior targeting, retargeting, OTT/Connected TV, device ID, search, geo fencing, etc. Which one is best? Which media buying vendor is best? These questions elicit a chuckle as there is so much hype & competition, and the marketplace changes so rapidly that today’s right answer may be incorrect next week. Every product and marketing goal presents its own facts and circumstances and in most cases it’s best to try more than one approach. For large buys I have a couple of trusted agency/platforms who are worth the commissions they receive. And sometimes, our ‘in-house’ creative and a well defined audience can lead to results like this recent Facebook ad that reached 6500 clinicians in New Mexico, southern Colorado and West Texas. We scored 287 click throughs at a cost of 17 cents each. Compare that to the results of your most recent digital ads. Hire us!