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360 Media

Immersive 360 Media

It's the dawn of a new medium for artists, producers, journalists, broadcasters, marketers and content creators of every kind.  VisionBroadcast Media LLC uses immersive 360 video, panoramic tours and 360 stills on our websites and social media and can provide a la carte production services for yours.  Below are samples of our work including our very first video shot on Elephant Butte Lake in September 2015.

Immersive 360 video can be viewed on your computer but is best experienced through a VR Viewer.  Our work can be viewed on Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Sony Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR via Littlstar. We also host videos on YouTube and Facebook.

We can provide marketers with turnkey immersive 360 media services to include producing the content, supplying cardboard VR viewers and training staff on how to demo your new VR experience for customers at trade shows, in stores, etc.   


Panoramic tours are a great alternative or supplement for 360 video productions as they work well on computers and smart phones without a VR headset.  Panoramic Tours are essentially high resolution 360 still galleries with embedded hotspots, portals, sounds and maps.  The spaces can be embedded as below or viewed full screen.  Click play below to explore the vicinity of the Music Center in downtown Los Angeles. 

VR FOR NEWS organizations

VR may be a game-changer for news. Immersive 360 video, broadband, mobile devices and other trends will continue to erode television’s advantage in the realm of eyewitness action news.  

VR technology is evolving rapidly and journalists are devising new ways to use 360 video. National news organizations including The New York TimesWall Street Journal and ABC News are blazing the trail for VR news coverage.  As scheduling permits VisionBroadcast Media LLC can provide news VR footage with same-day turnaround.  Hire us. | |