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Beautiful day for the 2015 Arts Fest celebrating 20 years of the arts, scholarship, community and integrity at Bosque School.

Student singers, musicians, thespians, and visual artists—as well as students from Manzano Day School, Sunset Mesa, and Cottonwood Montessori—all performed and displayed their art and creativity.

There were performances by Bosque School Bands, Choirs and Strings.  Also 6th Grade Monologues, 8th Grade Improv, 7th Grade Drama Mask Performance, 8th Grade Drama and Upper School One-Acts,   Visual Art included Advanced Painting & Drawing and Community & Street Art.

The above performance of Credo from Franz Josef Haydn's Missa in tempore belli (Mass In Time of War aka Paukenmesse) by Bosque School's Cantate and Serenata groups was inspired.   Kudos to Joanna Hart, Bosque School Performing Arts Department Leader and her great students.