NALIP Media Summit 2016 #CreateWithUs

Just returned from my second NALIP Media Summit.  The 2016 edition invited all content creators to celebrate the accomplishments and innovations of the industry and push past the boundaries.  NALIP "challenges Latino creatives to create with us now and redefine the future of media and storytelling."

I like it.  My long-time friend Al Rodriguez went again this year as did Albuquerque's Bill Miera.  I got to catch up with Ben Lopez, Sharis Delgadillo, Albert Blake Fernandez, Barbara Matos, Alex Rivera, Veronica Villafañe, Pamela Aguilar and Joseph Tovares.  Was able to meet Jessica JimenezAl MadrigalLalo Alcarez, Abel SalasDaniel AndréSalvador Mendoza and Joaquin F. Palma for the first time.  We were all able to gain insights and take inspiration from breakthrough artists, talent and executives among us including the incomparable Rita Moreno, Tony PlanaJosé Bastón, Aubrey Plaza, Alice Braga, Juan José Campanella, Rick Najera and Liza Quiroz.  Click through on any of these links and you'll find an exceptionally talented, inspired and accomplished person you'd like to meet. Count me in for 2017.

I've linked key coverage below.  Check it out, join NALIP and #CreateWithUs.  Congratulations and thank you Axel Caballero, NALIP staff and Media Summit volunteers for another stellar event!


VisionBroadcast at 2015 Media Summit