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New Mexico Public Relations Firms On Twitter

Digital technology and connectivity have, to say the least, disrupted traditional marketing and communications methods and practices. It happened quickly and digital marketing best practices are a moving target. To what extent have NM's largest public relations firms embraced and mastered the new digital landscape? Here's the answer as it pertains to Twitter.

Twitter is what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about right now. 

The world is on Twitter. The microblogging service has 328 million monthly active users and is in the national news just about every day.  It's a dynamic and versatile social media platform. Here's a blog on why businesses should use it. Twitter Success Stories here

How does VisionBroadcast Media LLC stack up? We're a one person LLC, signed up for Twitter in July 2015 and have published 2,537 tweets. As of today @VisionBroadcst has 1710 followers which is more than 9 of the 10 largest public relations firms in New Mexico. Former client Vox Optima, a government contractor with 11 employees, has more with 2103. Vox Optima started tweeting in March 2010 and has published 19.2K tweets.

In all fairness, The Garrity Group has 1038 followers but Tom Garrity himself has 3985. Siarza Digital has 539 followers but Kristelle Siarza has 3,651. Loka Creative has 1458 followers. Respects also to Steve McKee with 11.3K followers; and Micaela Brown of Inspire Media who has more followers than the rest of us combined. My personal Twitter @floydvasquez has 2419 followers and my intergovernmental affairs and veteran service profile @vetpao has 540.

I have great respect for the market leaders mentioned in this blog. And as an advocate for integrated strategic communications, I'm a fan of full service public relations firms. VisionBroadcast Media LLC is a boutique that can provide exceptional service for a small number of clients. We're good at media relations, digital marketing, video production and we like Twitter! How can we help you?