Strategic Communications

Communications is both art and science and whether your target audience is internal, external or both, we can help.


As a former news media gatekeeper turned public relations practitioner, Floyd Vasquez is well positioned to help you craft and present your coverage opportunity to the right people at the right outlets in just the right way. And just in case the media can’t make it to the event or do a story, we’ll self publish, use Facebook Live and/or other tools to reach target audiences directly.


Internal Communications

Sadly, some organizations regularly send “all staff” emails that fail to inspire and are read as an obligation, if at all. This is where the art of communication is required. A captive audience is not enough. We can help you redesign your daily, weekly or other serial communications vehicles to convey the required information and inspire, recognize good works and/or in other ways lift people up. That’s the trick. Add some art and humanity and employees will dig it.


Marketing Collateral & other duties as assigned

We can produce and print brochures, posters, t-shirts and more as well as write proclamations and other special products as required.