Multimedia Production

We are versatile producers of multimedia content. Video is a big part of that but sound, photographs, graphic art, voice and music can all be used in so many ways, together and separately. We can help you capture and use multimedia content in innovative, effective ways within the context of your marketing plan. We’re pulling together a reel to efficiently display the range of work we’ve been doing. In the meantime, you’ll find samples in the galleries below. Projects range from simple ENG shoots to live multi-camera webcasts.


Hosted Content & Broadcast News

When self publishing video content it sometimes helps to have an on-camera host or interviewer. We can cast the role and/or work with your designated talent. Floyd E. Vasquez Jr. is also available to host your video and has produced and/or hosted news segments, newsmaker interviews and political debates for public television as well as served as a news host on public radio. Member NALIP, SPJ and NAHJ.


Social Media

VisionBroadcast Media LLC can’t promise organic reach like this but given the content can create conditions for it. At last report this La Pasion de Mariachi video had reached 120,820 people and generated 20,647 engagements, including 941 shares and 36K Views.


Immersive 360 Media

VisionBroadcast Media LLC produces immersive 360 video, panoramic tours and 360 stills for websites, landing pages and social media. "Virtual Reality" has yet to take the marketing world by storm but it is unique, compelling and sticky.