2017 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival

Finally, the Coachella 2017 blog and gallery! In summary, my first time at Coachella 2016 really whet my appetite. It's super fun and like Pollstar Live! and XLIVE it's a research, education and learning opportunity taken in support of VisionBroadcast Media LLC clients. Case in point, Mariachi Spectacular. The portable movie screens on Civic Plaza during the Showcase Concert this year were inspired by the colossal LED walls on the Coachella stage. The Showcase Concert is free and open to the public so the expense of LED walls was prohibitive. But I knew Bernalillo County has a huge portable movie screen and projector for their Movies in the Park program. We reached out and the date was available and thus an exciting new facet of the Showcase Concert and Competition was introduced!   

True, one doesn't need to go to Coachella to know that large video screens at music festivals are cool. ;-) But the truth is there are festival ideas and insights to be gleaned in every hour of Coachella. Promoter Goldenvoice has learned a lot putting on this festival for 18 years. In addition to the talent line-up, the creativity, art, attention to detail and customer service are remarkable at scale. Some 125,000 fans per day.   

There were glitches. You may have heard that the sound failed more than once during Radiohead's performance on weekend 1.  Capacity was increased this year and some stages were moved (maps). There was bumper to bumper traffic all the way from LA to Indio. And a few times a dense crowd made it a little uncomfortable to get from one place to another.  The promoter also requires ticket holders to empty their water bottles at the gate.  It's very hot and dry, and the lines to buy water (or get a free refill) can be long. Waiting in direct sunlight with a parched mouth is not an experience I'd like to repeat.   

I took out my iPhone a lot less this year. Here's a few short clips.  The good stuff is here.

None of the inconveniences mattered. It was a great time. Learned a lot and am still inspired.  Next year? No. Hopefully the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Would love to attend XLIVE in December too.  Additional music and performing arts clients wanted!  Hire us.